Your piano is a special addition to your living space. It is a focal point of design and a source of melodies and memories. You might be eager to see your piano in its new home but equally overwhelmed about moving it there. Fortunately, Manhattan piano moving companies make the process a breeze. Our vetted piano experts will save you the time and stress of moving your instrument.

While there is a cost associated with hiring Manhattan piano movers, keep in mind they bring equipment, transportation, and expertise. When you hire our do-it-all movers, you won’t risk costly damage to your piano.

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Manhattan Piano Movers Cost

The average cost of Philadelphia piano movers is between $300 and $600. Several factors influence the final cost of hiring professional movers to transport your instrument, including:

  • Type of Piano: From parlor grands to spinet organs and everything in between, the type of your piano will affect the moving cost. The shape, weight, and size of your piano dictate how easy (or complicated) it will be to relocate.
  • Age of the Piano: Pianos change over the decades. As felts and leathers harden, and pieces begin to shift, your piano will require more attentive care. Our skillful Manhattan piano movers will provide custom crating and white-glove care if needed.
  • Stairs: Stairs elevate the risk of moving any piano, but our vetted piano movers can get the job done safely. Most piano moving companies charge by individual stairs. Be sure to ask your movers about stairs and any other add-on piano moving fees.
  • Required Services: In many cases, piano assembly and disassembly are unavoidable. Some individuals also like to add tune-ups, special crating, or storage services. You can approach our piano moving companies with your moving preferences.
  • The Distance of the Move: Naturally, the bill will be higher when you need a long-distance piano moving company. Manhattan residents will find that local moves are more affordable than long-distance; however, our mission at Cheap Movers Manhattan is to find you the right fit for your budget. A long-distance piano move shouldn’t have to break the bank!
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Piano Moving Services In Manhattan

Transporting a piano causes physical and mental stress. From learning how to disassemble your instrument to acquiring a moving vehicle, you’ll have to overcome dozens of hurdles to complete the job. For a novice, moving a piano is intimidating, but for our efficient piano movers, the task is streamlined and straightforward. They protect your piano (and you!) from damage.

We highly recommend hiring a professional piano moving company to conserve your time and energy. Our network of Manhattan piano movers provides the following services:

Piano Disassembly

If you have a smaller upright piano and expansive doorframes, moving the instrument via dolly might be your best option. In other instances, the piano will have to come apart before transport. If you are not confident in disassembling your instrument, you can trust your piano moving company to break it down without any trouble. They work with pianos of all shapes, sizes, and models.

Special Piano Moving Equipment

When you look at your piano, do you know what type of equipment you will need to move it? You might need tilting equipment, furniture padding, and, of course, a spacious moving van. We have identified the best piano moving companies in Manhattan. They will arrive at your door with a full range of piano moving equipment to suit your unique needs.

Piano Storage

Humidity or high temperatures can permanently damage your instrument. If you need to store your piano for a time, ask our experts about their specialized piano storage facilities. These state-of-the-art climate-controlled spaces will protect your piano from warping and cracking.

Local Piano Moving

If you’re moving your piano nearby, we can help you find an affordable Manhattan piano mover. Our piano movers care about your budget and your experience and will treat you and your instrument with great care.

Local piano moving services come with many of the same add-on services that long-distance moves do so you can fully customize your experience – add storage, tune-up, and crating services if you need them.

Long Distance Piano Moving

Long-distance piano moving can be a difficult job, but our dedicated experts make it stress-free. They understand that pianos are expensive and delicate, and have enough experience to know the most efficient ways to transport them. If you plan to move your piano cross-country, give Cheap Movers Manhattan a call. We will connect you with the best piano moving services for your budget.

Piano Reassembly

When your piano makes it safely to its new home, you may breathe a sigh of relief – unless it’s still in pieces! Your piano moving company can do it all. They will disassemble, safely transport, and then reassemble your piano on the spot. They work with you until your piano looks beautiful and is ready to play.

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