As every New Yorker can attest, moving in Manhattan presents challenges that must be met by experienced professional movers. Tight stairwells, small doorframes, crowded elevators, walkups, and seemingly impenetrable traffic can be a nightmare for the inexperienced. The good news is that when you leave your move to us, we do all the hard work for you! At Cheap Movers Manhattan, our crews understand the art of getting in and out of Manhattan’s apartment complexes fast and hassle free. Our team navigates the ins and outs of Manhattan moves daily, so we know how to take the stress of moving off your shoulders, both figuratively and literally.

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Moving in Manhattan is time consuming and costly for the uninitiated. As many have discovered, attempting Manhattan apartment relocation by yourself cannot only kill more than one weekend, it can end up costing more than hiring a professional moving service. That’s because the costs or renting vehicles, parking, obtaining packing supplies, and insuring your property quickly add up, not to mention the time you could be spending working instead of trying to engineer a solution for getting that big couch around that tiny corner. When you hire Cheap Movers Manhattan, we save you time, money, and the headache of doing the move by yourself.

We’re from here, so our crews are familiar with Manhattan’s streets and buildings. Our skilled movers know how to navigate furniture around those tight corners, know how to get through the traffic, and know ahead of time just where to park the van for efficient loading and unloading. When we move you, we move you with a plan for packing, loading, unloading, and getting out of your hair so you can get back to living your life.

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When selecting a moving service, whether you work with us or another company, make sure the movers you use are licensed and insured. Professional movers in Manhattan must be licensed by the state and city and carry insurance in case anything happens to your property during the move. In a busy area like Manhattan, there is always to possibility of an overstressed or inattentive driver hitting moving van and damaging your valuables. We only work with moving companies that carry the proper licensing and insurance to ensure your safety and protection.

In addition to insuring your property against the unexpected, we train our moving crews to protect your furniture and valuables. Our movers are experts at packing boxes so your goods are protected, loading the truck so products don’t shift during transport, and disassembling and reassembling large furniture pieces when necessary. The key to a successful move is a courteous, efficient crew that safeguards your property.

As an NYC full-service mover, we offer many services to help make the transition to your new home as painless and economic as possible. We can provide a custom quote right away based on your needs. In addition to prompt and courteous service, we also offer:

  • Boxes and packing supplies
  • In home/onsite services
  • Packing services
  • Business services
  • Flexible scheduling

Moving in Manhattan doesn’t have to be time consuming, expensive, and stressful. When experienced movers handle the job, it can be a breeze. Whether moving an apartment, condo, dorm, office, or single-family home, trusted professionals can help make the first day in your new home a great one. To get a free quote for your upcoming move, give us a call or fill out a moving quote form today!

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